東京 築地 一日1組限定のフレンチレストランの予約を承ります|Private restaurant for only one group per day in TOKYO

一日一組限定 フレンチレストラン llacaste(ラカステ ).

一日一組限定 6席のみという隠れ家中の隠れ家。


2名:¥44,000 3名:¥55,000 4名:¥66,000 5名:¥82,500 6名:¥99,000
ペアリング(5杯):¥6,600 ※単品のご用意もあり。


”llacaste” is a French restaurant located in the back alley of Tsukiji Honganji.
A hideaway within a hideaway with only 6 seats, limited to one group per day.
Mr. Kojima, the owner chef, is a talented chef who was in charge of cooking at the Summit of Major Countries (Toyako Summit) at the Windsor Hotel Toya. He also experienced cold and hot dishes at La Table de Joël Robuchon, and offers French cuisine based on the essence of fermentation and spices.

A private restaurant at the Windsor Hotel Toya started as a sustainable restaurant that does not waste ingredients by the chef who was in charge of cooking at the G8 summit (Toyako Summit).
As a sustainable restaurant that doesn’t waste ingredients, it’s a private restaurant that is limited to one group per day.

Around 10 plates of food and dessert. With a drink after dinner.
2 people: ¥44,000 /3 people: ¥55,000/ 4 people: ¥66,000/ 5 people: ¥82,500/ 6 people: ¥99,000
Pairing (5 glasses): ¥6,600 *A la carte items are also available.

Business hours: 17:00-22:30